Month: July 2020

Paying for Keywords

The world of the Internet has gone commercial.  What once was a free playground for anyone to sell a product or offer a service is gone.  Today, it is all about spending the money on keywords and rankings.  The theory is, if you spend enough money and get in front of a lot of people, you will win the game.  However, if you talk to companies like Digital Current and have worked with a phoenix seo agency in the past they will tell you differently.

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What is the trick?

The trick isn’t to spend as much money as possible on a specific keyword.  The trick is to get others to spend more money than you on keywords and have them eat their budgets leaving you the only player in the game.  How Google and Pay Per Click works is you want to bid on a specific keyword.  Google will set a standard price for that keyword, but it doesn’t mean that you will pay that much.  You want to tell Google that you are willing to spend Five dollars on a keyword.  Then they will make the person who is ranking above you pay five dollars for that keyword or they will knock them out and give you the lowest price possible.

Have a budget

When getting into SEO and PPC you want to have a budget and stick to it.  You want to have a backbone and be willing to test and lose your initial investment fast and hard.  What this means is you want to be willing to bid a larger amount for your keyword and hope that the others will eat up their budget to get to number one. 

Pick your ranking

You want to pick your ranking.  There will be times that you don’t want to be number one for a keyword.  Sometimes being number two or three will give you better results and higher conversions.  When getting into this game these are all components that you need to consider.