Month: September 2020

Why Should Businesses Drug Test Potential Hires?

If you’ve ever gotten a job working for someone else, you will probably remember having to take a drug test. This is a very common occurrence for people all over the country who are going through the hiring process for companies every day, and it has been very commonplace since the Ronald Reagan administration.

Why do businesses drug test the people they are thinking about hiring? Why so some companies even regularly drug test the employees they have officially hired? There are several reasons you might not have thought about, and ones you should definitely consider if you’re a business owner who is trying to decide whether or not you should implement drug testing policies for your new hires.

Testing Can Promote a Drug Free Workplace

If employees know they could be tested randomly, it can help promote a drug free workplace. Most employees will want to make sure they keep their jobs, and may reduce or completely stop any recreational usage they may have took part in outside of work hours.

Testing Can Lower Your Business’s Insurance Rates

You might be surprised to learn that many commercial insurance companies will actually give the occasional discount to employers who drug test their new hires, and who randomly drug test employees who are in positions where safety could be compromised by someone who is impaired, such as a forklift operator, someone running an electric pallet jack, or anyone else who is operating heavy machinery on the job.

Your first goal should be to promote safety on the job, and sometimes, drug testing is an effective way to promote safety on the job by remaining drug free on the job. It can help weed out the employees who are using off the job, and it can give you peace of mind that you are choosing the right candidates when making hiring decisions. Using employee screening software or having testing done by a third party, you will be able to implement drug testing policies at your business if you have not already done so.

How Can I Keep Ticks Out of My Yard Year Round?

If you are wanting to go on the defensive against ticks next year so you can get everything done you ever wanted to outside without having to worry about being bitten every time you do something in a grassier area, then you need to have a strategy in mind. You can’t just go into something like this without an idea of how you’re going to get it done in mind, as ticks can come back in full force even if you get rid of a few.

The best year round defense against ticks would be scheduled visits from the residential tick control rockville professionals, but you might not have the extra money in the budget to schedule the tick pros every few months. You’re not out of luck, though. There are still plenty of things you can do to try to keep the ticks at bay for all four seasons.

Keep an Eye on Your Yard

One of the main things you can do to keep ticks from making a home out of your yard is to keep it well maintained. You will want to ensure that the grass is mowed relatively short, that leaves and brush are taken care of, and that any large weedy areas are thoroughly cleared out. All of these could be potential hot spots for ticks.

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Treat Your Outdoor Animals

If you have outdoor animals, you should make sure you are routinely treating them for ticks, as well. Since they spend all of their time roaming around outdoors, it is a safe bet to say that they could have ticks on them frequently. Making sure they are treated lessens the threat considerably.

If you can keep your yard free of ticks, you will find that your days can be much more peaceful. No more itching, no more searching around trying to figure out where the source of that scratching is located, and no more hunting for the tweezers the second you find a tick on yourself. When your yard is tick-free, you can go out, enjoy it, and come back in without having to worry about pulling ticks off of yourself.