Month: October 2020

Common Problems Associated with Dental Implants

A dental implant is not at all a dangerous procedure and is opted for by millions of people every year. However, due to the sensitivity of the area, there are some common problems that people may face after surgery.

Most of the dental implant procedures are generally a success. To be safe, you should always choose a highly experienced dentist. Know the cost of dental implants decatur from experienced dentists and book your procedure.

Healing Period Problems

An implant can only successfully work if the bones and gums around it are healthy. Implants may not always suit everyone. If the implant is unable to keep itself attached to the bone, then it may cause many problems.

The implant may become lose a few days after surgery. In such cases, there might not be any infection in your gum, or you may not feel any pain. This is a very common problem that is faced by people whose bone structure is not suitable for dental implants.

Problems While Using

Even after your implants have healed, it can cause several problems for you. There may be infections if the bone has not healed properly. The gum around the implant can swell excessively.

Any problem that you face with your implants needs to be immediately discussed with a doctor. Your implant can come loose even after it has healed. When this happens, the doctor will remove the implant and let the bone in the area to fill.

The problems also arise when the implants are not of the right size. If the problem becomes more severe, it can cause peri-implantitis, where you lose the bone, which supports the implant.

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To avoid severe issues, you should consult with a doctor when the first signs of a problem appear. It is never good to wait and treat at home instead of taking advice from a professional.